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Expansion, altered book art by Virginia Beach artist, Maggie Kerrigan

Expansion is inspired by the works of Brian Dettmer and Mario Martinez. While Dettmer carves away and removes parts of the book to reveal what is beneath, I wanted to expand the book and bring out the words from inside. I had already been experimenting with using geometric 3-D shapes with my altered book art, and a bronze piece by Mario Martinez was the final inspiration for this artwork.

This piece is created from The Book of Virtues, a collection of stories and poems organized around virtuous character traits, such as honesty, responsibility, courage and compassion. The current social and political climate in the United States (and the world) seems to be driven by a core of people devoid of these traits. Perhaps we all need an expansion of virtues within ourselves in order for our society to heal.

This piece is wired in order to hand on a wall.

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