The Gratitude Project

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The Gratitude Project journal by Virginia Beach artist Maggie Kerrigan
It’s so exciting to announce that The Gratitude Project is now officially for sale at and at The Artists Gallery.

What is this?
The Gratitude Project is a 3-month journaling commitment with a focus on gratitude each and every day. Unlike most gratitude exercises and challenges, this one keeps you going for the three months because the gratitude prompts are personal and relevant to YOU.

How can a published journal be so personal?
There is a guided brainstorming process at the beginning in which you generate your own list of topics to reflect upon. These topics are from your own life—the people you know and experiences you have had. After three months you’ll have a detailed memory-journal with a focus on gratitude for how various people and experiences have enriched your life.

Does “gratitude” really matter?
Yes. It does. Studies show that people who have a habit of mind for being grateful for what they have are happier than those who don’t. Some people have a natural disposition for the “gratitude mindset.” Far more people, however, have the tendency toward the “lacking” mindset.

For example, if your neighbor bought a new luxury car, what type of thoughts would you have? Would you think about how old and tired your car is and that you’d like to be able to afford a new one too? Or would you be glad for them, and glad for yourself that your own car is reliable? Which response serves you better?

By focusing on gratitude every day for 3 months, you develop a habit of mind that turns situations and circumstances around.  Instead of being annoyed by the chatty person next to you on the airplane, you may actually see her as a gift and become interested in what she has to say.  Rather than being antsy at a checkout line that is taking too long, you may reach out with kindness to the employee who is working so hard.

The Gratitude Project makes a great gift for friends and family. It’s also a great stocking-stuffer for teens. Or, maybe it’s the gift you need to give yourself.

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What people have said:

This project helped me to focus and ‘carve’ time out in my day. Some days (especially with this being my ‘crunch’ time at work), I did not journal. I appreciated your suggestion not to be discouraged by this but to just keep trying. The main thing I noticed was that, even when I did not journal, my thoughts of the day were more positive and hopeful looking through the lens of gratitude.


Initially, because the list-writing was (I felt) mentally exhausting, I questioned the validity of such an exercise. However, you were right. Because of the list prep, continually writing in the journal was easier for both idea prompts and consistency. I would tell others: this is good for you, for your soul for your life-attitude. It may not be pretty, but it is who you are and how you became this way. Be thankful, not bitter. Discover, learn and grow!


I found it stimulating, and insightful. It also inspired my dream work. Gratitude becomes a way of life, and I need to stop and breathe and live it. This journal has healing potential.

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Let me end by saying thank you to YOU! I appreciate you so much, the fact that you open my emails, that you read and sometimes respond, and that you are such a cheerleader for me.

With deepest gratitude,


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