The (almost) Blank Journal

The (almost) Blank JournalFor the writer, the thinker, the do-er, the planner…

Here are 5 reasons for keeping a daily journal:

  1. Find inner peace   
  2. Relieve stress   
  3. Set, track and accomplish goals  
  4. Acknowledge talents and discover how to improve them   
  5. Work out and solve problems   

If you think keeping a daily journal is hard, you haven’t met The (almost) Blank Journal, a dated (page-per-day) writing journal with writing prompts and drawing exercises designed to enhance your creativity and clarity. It’s a perfect balance between a completely blank journal and a year of fully choreographed writing exercises.There are also fun drawing and doodling activities to stimulate the right side of your brain and increase your creativity.

In its nearly 400 pages, The (almost) Blank Journal allows for daily reflection, record-keeping and creative writing. Each dated page includes a space for suggested drawing activities. Some pages are completely blank, encouraging you to take control. The pages at the beginning and end of the journal are for setting goals, reviewing the year, writing notes and recording milestones. The journal also includes a short introduction that explains the writing prompts and drawing exercises.Sample Journal Page

This journal has the perfect combination of structure and freedom. There are writing prompts and drawing boxes as well as plenty of blank space. The author includes instructions on how to use the journal effectively while encouraging the writer to make their own choices and do what feels right. It is inspiring and helpful for new and experienced journal writers.
–Wendy Scheman

The (almost) Blank Journal is the perfect tool for a creative writer, a person who wants to begin keeping a journal, for mothers to record family events and for anyone else who wants to write on a daily basis. Because it is not dated with the year, the writer can begin at any time and fill in the book as desired.

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