Painting Parties

Get together with friends for a fun afternoon or evening of ceativity and personal growth!  When you and your friends engage in one of these painting projects, you will unlock doors of hesitation and uncertainity and discover something new and exciting about yourself.  You’ll discover that you CAN create a beautiful work of art and you have innate strengths and talents.

I will guide you and your friends through a painting, start to finish, and show you how capable you are.  “But I can’t draw a straight line!”  I have heard it all, and I know how to work through the concerns and doubts.  You’ll be amazed at your ability to create, and most importantly, what happens to YOU in the process.  Most at these painting parties have never used a paintbrush before!

“I was pleasantly surprised and proud of my finished product. My family thought I had bought it!

“It was great to spend some time with friends trying something new and come away with a great piece of art!  I would absolutely recommend it. It would be a great venue for a birthday party or casual get together with people that may not know each other.”  –Glenda

Call 757-377-5375 or email me at to schedule a Painting Party.  The format is up to you–lunch, girls’ night out, pot luck, or simply cocktails.  My Taste of Art classes are held in the beautiful and inspiring environment at The Artists Gallery in Va Beach.  Parties are $250 for the first 8 people and $40 per person for up to 12 people.

It is a unique way to connect with your friends and connect with yourself.  I bring all the painting supplies and you all take home an original work of art.

Only one of these ladies has ever painted watercolors before. Can you tell which one? (I can’t either!)

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