Dog is God Spelled Backwards

Dog is God Spelled Backwards, altered book art by Virginia Beach artist, Maggie Kerrigan (

When my son saw the design for this book, he said, “Oh, look, it’s a sausage dog!” One thing I know about “sausage dog owners” is that they love this breed! And why wouldn’t you? Just look at the adorable face!

This artwork was a joy to create! I used a book called A Gift of Love, which seemed like a perfect title.

What I didn’t realize until starting was that the book has a lot of white space–big margins and pages that are half blank. The physical layout of the print allowed the whole dog pattern to come out white, showing all the dimensions of this cute doggie. What a happy accident!

Since the book is a collection of Bible verses and daily reflections, that lent itself to the title for this cute pup!

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