Kathy with Yankees Rule

altered book art by Virginia Beach artist, Maggie Kerrigan

Tired of giving a hat or the same old sports clothing to your HUGE SPORTS FAN?

What about a unique way to celebrate the team? Let me make a piece of book art that to bring alive your fan’s loyalty.

Since I’m a Red Sox fan, this piece was a little hard to work on, ha ha, not really! When it comes to art, I’m impartial, and will honor whatever team you love.

There are some fantastic sports books out there about every team and sport you can think of. If I use the book folding technique, the book can still be read and appreciated. I can also carve carefully, not to remove any text (as in this example):
Hand-carved book for the ultimate Boston Red Sox fan.
Click here to let me know what team you love and to start working on a special piece of art to demonstrate your “Best Fan Ever” status.

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