Light Reading

Light Reading altered book art as a reading lamp by Virginia Beach artist Maggie Kerrigan

For some time I have wanted to play with the idea of lights and books.  I was eager to tackle the challenge of making a lamp out of a book.  This started as a rather bland lamp that I found at a thrift store.  I stripped the lampshade to the wire frame in order to rebuild it with strips of pages from the book, The Tenth Insight.

Since the lamp stand was also uninteresting, I built a frame for it out of wire and coated it with strips of paper from the book.  I love the airy feeling that the lamp now has, almost like latticework.
Of course it’s also fun to play with the idea of a “reading lamp” made out of material you reading, becoming Light Reading.

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These photos show some of the process of creating this piece:

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