Just Breathe

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Just Breathe

While looking for a book for a different project, I spotted the title, Oxygen, and thought this book held some promise. Before I even left the thrift store, I knew that it would have to say “Just Breathe.”

It’s something I have to say to myself on a regular basis, whether I’m overwhelmed by the demands of two teenagers and multiple sports teams, or just overcome by ideas and not enough time to implement them.

I made this book differently than others. In order to add to the message, I also carved the top and bottom edges of the pages. This is a particularly challenging task, since the book pages move when the cover and pages are lifted. As I worked, the pages would shift in position, making it a challenge to cut in the right places.

I also used two different styles–one edge has the letters recessed an the other edge has them in relief.
Bottom edge of Just BreatheTop edge of Just Breathe

This book serves as a great reminder of the healing force of breath.
Carved book

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