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Every year I go through an exercise that’s inspired by my two favorite business gurus, Christine Kane and Theresa Ceniccola.  It’s the Word of the Year exercise.  Unlike resolutions or goals, my WORD is a guiding force to carry me through my next 365 days.  It’s very narrow and focused and becomes a litmus test for everything I do.  Just like resolutions, I write “Word of the Year” in several places in my annual calendar so that I can revisit why I chose that word, and remind myself to keep it present in daily life.  I paint it; I post it by my desk.  And this year I’ll make it part of my computer log-in password.

Last year’s word was ACTION–because I’m a classic procrastinator.  This year I’m still tossing around a few possibilities, Focus, Humor, Gratitude.  I’ll go through the full exercise and then decide.  Why is this a valuable exercise?  Because what you focus on grows.  It’s as simple as that.What you focus on grows

What is your WORD of the year?   Here’s a watered-down version of the exercise:

  • What word (or words) are you considering?
  • What makes it the perfect word? (answer for each word you are considering)
  • If I LIVE this word daily through the year, how will my life be different one year form today?
  • What will this word help me create/manifest/attract?  (list 10 ideas)
  • What are three triggers that cause me to shrink or run in the opposite direction of my Word.
  • What old patterns or default settings have kept me from living this Word until now?
  • What are 5 proactive  habits or practices I can incorporate into my life in order to embrace this Word more fully?
  • What are 5 goals, big or small, that I’d like to accomplish this year based on the Word I chose?
  • What would be a “home run” for me in this coming year?  This can be a big dream, an amount of money, a way that I live each day.  Write it in detail.

Take some time to WRITE your answers and then once you have chosen your Word, decide how you will keep it present all through your year.  (For Christine Kane’s full version of this exercise, click here.  For Theresa Ceniccola’s full version, click here.)

What words are you considering?  Please post them in the comments below.

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  1. Love this idea because I was struggling with my goals for the year.

    • Kay, I’m holding a “Setting Goals for Artists” class at The Artists Gallery on Jan. 25th, 12-2 pm.

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