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“Not more stuff.”  That’s what my mother says around Thanksgiving time each year.  “We have enough stuff.”  My sister even threw her hat into that ring.  She and her family are planning a year of globe-trotting, and most of their belongings will be in storage.  So for her girls?  Just not more stuff.

Christmas shopping becomes an exercise in creativity when your gifts shouldn’t be stuff.

Thankfully, Parade Magazine had a great article last week to help remedy this gift-buying crisis.  The headline was “Give the Gift of Health.”  Don’t you know I was happy to see the second gift idea shown in the article!  (You can click on it to read the detail.)

Article on gift ideas

I’m not sure Mom would love all of Parade Magazine’s suggestions, but it did get me thinking about what she and Dad DO love.  Now I have some great gift ideas for them.  Same for my sister’s daughters.  They still have a few months before their big adventure, and in that time, we can give them the gift of some cool experiences.

What about your giving list?  Are there any people for whom you can choose a fun experience?  Would your kids like an art class series or a set of skateboarding lessons with the local pro?  And don’t forget yourself.  If your spouse or kids are asking what they can get you, why not ask for a Paint and Sip night or some dancing lessons?  A flower arranging class?  Or a membership to the local Botanical Gardens?

Let’s start a list of gift ideas in the comments–even if they are not gifts you would give, maybe you will give someone else a great idea!

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  1. I’ll get it started:
    Zumba class at the local recreation center
    Passes to an ice-skating rink, wrapped in a pair of mittens
    Tickets to a basketball game at the local college/university
    Golf lesson
    Race-car driving experience (if you have a track nearby)
    Photography class
    Theatre/Symphony tickets (is there a Broadway show coming to town?)

    Some places to look for classes/tickets/experiential gift ideas: art museum, botanical garden, zoo, dance studios, culinary school, massage therapy school, yacht clubs, skateboarding park, specialty stores (such as surf-shops), artisans (like a soap-making class). Even if classes are not listed as offered, you can often speak to an individual and set up a one-on-one session.

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