Gardur Light Old and New

Altered book art, Gardur Light House Old and New by Virginia Beach artist, Maggie Kerrigan

The Gardur Lighthouses stand at the tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. I lived nearby in Keflavik, Iceland in the 1990s. It was an absolutely wonderful adventure to experience beautiful Iceland!

In making this book sculpture, I endeavored to replicate the two lighthouses as accurately as possible, though not to scale. I used a combination of reference photos from my own photo albums as well as photos from the website of the Gardur Folk Museum in Iceland. The book, My Soul to Take, is by Icelandic author, Yrsa Sigurdardottir.

Iceland has become a popular travel destination since the time that I lived there. Anyone who has experienced its raw beauty can understand why! It is my hope that this book will find a home with either an Icelander with a strong attachment to the lighthouses, or with a traveler who is equally enamored with this enchanting country.

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