Red Hot Love Folded Book

Red Hot Love (folded book)

Celebrate LOVE with this fun folded book!

Do you have a wedding on the horizon?  Imagine the couple’s reaction to finding this book inside the package!  Most couples quickly forget who gave them china or stemware, but they would never forget this special gift…or you!

Years down the road, they will remember how you created this special book just for them.

This book makes a great gift for anyone you love.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, or just for any occasion.

What makes the gift extra special is that you made it yourself!  Each page measured, cut and folded with love.

RED HOT LOVE is a bit trickier than other books because there are three different depths for folding.  But it IS doable!

Please be sure you have completed the Intro to Folded Book Art course.

If you prefer to simply purchase the already-made book, click here.

Course Details:
Level: Intermediate
Book Needed:  296-350 pages, 8″ tall, smooth pages
Suggested Book: The Princess Bride
$10 Tuition Includes: Worksheet, 3 Template Pages, Special Instructions

If you want the challenge and satisfaction of making it yourself, click the Take This Course button below.


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