Luck o’ The Irish

Luck o' the Irish (folded book art)

Everyone who has ever said “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” needs to have this art book!


Whether you are Irish by heritage or by wish, you can introduce some luck into your life by making this folded book art.  Imagine how lucky a friend or family member will feel if you make this and give it to her?  She’ll remember you and this special gift for a lifetime!

Please be sure you have completed the Intro to Folded Book Art course.

If you prefer to simply purchase an already-made book, click here and let me know.

Course Details:
Level: Beginner
Book Needed:  200-250 pages, 8″ tall, smooth pages
Suggested Book: The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman
Technique:  Can use leading-edge or corner-folding techniques
$8 Tuition Includes: the Worksheet, 2 Template Pages and Special Instructions

If you want the challenge and satisfaction of making it yourself, click the Take This Course button below.

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Course Materials

Book (200-250 pages with a cover that is at least 8" tall), Ruler, Scissors, Pencil

Course Content

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