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When people first see my book art, they think it’s incredibly complicated and difficult.  They are amazed when I break it down for them and they realize that  with the right set of instructions, they can make their own!

How would you like to create your very own

UNIQUE piece of book art?

You can spend a few hours and have this amazing Heart Book to either keep or give to someone special.  This Intro to Book Art course breaks it all down for you into clear step by step instructions.

Imagine taking one of your favorite books and transforming it into a piece of art.  Or think about your friend’s favorite book–I can help you create an amazing showpiece for him or her.  How would your mother or sister feel about receiving such a unique, hand-made gift?  Consider how much it would mean to her to find out that you lovingly made it yourself!

It seems hard, but it’s very straightforward, once you know the secret!

Here’s an example of the book done by Barbara, one of my webinar participants.  She has never made book art before, and here is her finished piece.  This is so totally doable!

Heart book by Barbara DavisThis is what Barbara told me:

Thank you for doing this webinar. Very clear instructions and nice pace, loved the video demos. (I’m a visual and hands on learner so was great for me!) Loved the trouble shooting tips at the end as well. Good to learn how to tweak project if looks a bit off when finished.

What I got out of this was the confidence to try something new and create a piece of art out of a book. Learned that it’s not complicated paper folding such as origami.  It left me wanting to learn more about the possibilities with this art form. (Your pieces are amazing!)

In this on-line course, I take you step by step  through the process.  Everything is explained with photos and videos.  Because it’s completely on line, you are able to take the course on your own schedule and at your own pace.  You can work through the material in multiple sessions or all at once–whatever works for you.

Are you ready to give it a try?  Go to the bottom and click “Take This Course” to register and get instant access to the class that teaches you this intriguing book art technique.

If your are still unsure, read what Stephanie had to say:

For someone sitting on the fence about creating book art I would tell them:
  • This is a great activity to stimulate the mind and creative senses.
  • Good activity for family members to spend time together.
  • If you like the satisfaction of mastering a challenging activity, try book art.
  • Using you mind to create something with your hands can be very therapeutic, and rewarding.

For a very small investment, you can unlock your creativity and start working in a unique new art form.

All you need to succeed in this course is patience and enthusiasm.  For supplies, you only need a book, pair of scissors, ruler and pencil.  The other materials are available for download after you sign up.

The on-line material takes approximately an hour to view, and then it will take 1-3 hours to make your book.  All of this time can be broken up–you do not have to complete everything in one sitting.  You can go also back into the course at any time and review any of the content.

All of this instruction, including the templates, are yours for just $25.  That’s over an hour of instruction and additional instructor support that will set you on your way to exploring your creative self.

After you take the introduction course, there will be more patterns and more challenging techniques available for you to try.  Again, once you have the basic concept of how this works, you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

Click “Take This Course” to sign up and start exploring this exciting new art form:

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  1. Thanks Maggie, I was able to sign on. Phyllis Callahan

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