Dolphin Tale Folded Book

Spirit Animal altered book art by Virginia Beach artist, Maggie Kerrigan

Fold this beautiful sea creature into a book for a unique art piece or gift for someone!

Are you a lover of the ocean and marine life?  Do dolphins inspire you with their intelligence and playfulness?

This book makes a great gift for anyone who loves the ocean!  Years down the road, they will remember how you created this special book just for them.

Please be sure you have completed the Intro to Folded Book Art course.

If you prefer to simply purchase an already-made book, click here and let me know.

Course Details:
Level: Beginner
Book Needed:  200-250 pages, 8″ tall, smooth pages
Suggested Book: Tales of the South Pacific (by James Michener)
$10 Tuition Includes: Worksheet, 2 Template Pages, Special Instructions

If you want the challenge and satisfaction of making it yourself, click the Take This Course button below.

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Course Materials

You will need a book that's 8" tall and approx. 200-250 pages.

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